July 22, 2024
English FA facing UEFA investigation over fan disorder at Euro 2020 final

English FA facing UEFA investigation over fan disorder at Euro 2020 final

Ahead of kick-off, a number of fans without tickets had tried to force their way into the stadium.

The English FA is also facing four UEFA charges relating to “the invasion of the field by its supporters,” the throwing of objects and the lighting of fireworks as well as “disturbance” during the national anthem.

In a statement on Tuesday, UEFA said it had opened disciplinary proceedings against the English FA as well as a separate investigation into events involving supporters which occurred inside and around Wembley at Sunday’s Euro 2020 final.

The English Football Association announced on Monday it will carry out a “full review and investigation” into the security breach.

“Security and stewarding numbers for the UEFA EURO 2020 Final exceeded the requirements for the match and were greater than any other previous event at Wembley Stadium,” said an FA spokesperson in a statement sent to CNN on Monday.

“However, the behaviour of the people who illegally forced their way into the stadium was unacceptable, dangerous and showed total disregard for the safety and security protocols in place.

“No steward or security staff should be subjected to this type of behaviour and we thank them for their support on the night. We also apologise to anyone at the match whose experience was affected by this unprecedented level of public disorder.”

After a follow-up email from CNN on the security breach at the London venue, as well as further inquiries on some of the videos showcasing violence inside the ground, a Wembley Stadium spokesperson condemned “the behaviour of a group of people that forced their way into Wembley Stadium before the EURO 2020 Final.”

“These people are an embarrassment to the England team and to all of the true fans who wanted to enjoy one of the most important matches in our history.

A pitch invader gestures as he runs on the pitch during the Euro 2020 final.

“We will work with the relevant authorities to take action against anyone who is identified to have illegally forced their way into the stadium.”

Sunday’s showpiece was the first major international soccer final England had reached since 1966. However Italy emerged victorious after a penalty shootout.

A total of 53 people were arrested at Wembley on Sunday. They were among the 86 arrests the Met Police made for a number of offences in London in relation to the final, including public order breaches, assault, drunk and disorderly conduct and criminal damage, police said in a statement.

“The unacceptable scenes we saw yesterday were a small number of people intent on using the football as an excuse to behave appallingly towards other members of the public and officers,” deputy assistant commissioner Laurence Taylor said in a statement.