April 22, 2024
Track Electoral College votes state by state

Track Electoral College votes state by state

Across the US, 538 electors are gathering in their respective states to cast electoral votes for president.

The ballots have to arrive in Washington by December 23. They’ll be counted during a joint session of the House and Senate on January 6. Read more here about the full timeline between now and Inauguration Day.

CNN is tracking the Electoral College process in real time and will fill in the electoral votes below as they occur December 14. Electors are expected to hold their meetings between 10 a.m. ET on the East Coast and about 7 p.m. ET in Hawaii. Most states hold the vote in their state capital.

The formula for electors is this: representatives plus senators. The smallest states, like Vermont and Wyoming, have three electoral votes and so does Washington, DC, despite its lack of representation in Congress.

The largest states have many more. California, for instance, has 55, Texas has 38, and New York and Florida both have 29.

Slates of electors are selected by the campaigns or parties in each state and the slate associated with the winning candidate for that state in the November 3 general election get to vote.