February 29, 2024
Two FBI agents killed and three agents injured in shootout in Sunrise, Florida

Two FBI agents killed and three agents injured in shootout in Sunrise, Florida

The subject of the warrant is dead, the FBI said in a statement.

The shooting occurred at about 6 a.m. as a team of law enforcement officers executed a federal court-ordered search warrant as part of a violent crimes against children case, according to a statement from FBI Miami Special Agent Michael D. Leverock and spokesman Jim Marshall.

Two of the injured FBI agents were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition, while the third injured agent was not hospitalized, officials said.

FBI Director Christopher Wray identified the deceased agents as Special Agent Daniel Alfin and Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger.

“Special Agent Alfin and Special Agent Schwartzenberger exemplified heroism today in defense of their country,” he said in a statement. “The FBI will always honor their ultimate sacrifice and will be forever grateful for their bravery.”

A body draped in an American flag is transported from an ambulance following the fatal shooting of two FBI agents in Sunrise, Florida, on Tuesday.
The shooting took place at the Water Terrace apartment complex, an upscale gated community outside Fort Lauderdale, at 6:04 a.m., according to Sunrise Police spokeswoman Otishia Browning-Smith. The person who officers were looking for had barricaded himself, she said.
Sunrise Police said the scene was safe as of 9:04 a.m. yet still asked people to remain in their homes due to the ongoing investigation.

The shootout, one of the deadliest in FBI history, brought a major law enforcement response to the area.

Video from CNN affiliate WSVN shows an ambulance driving from the scene to the Broward Medical Examiner’s Office at about 10:30 a.m., escorted by a group of law enforcement officers on motorcycles. Once there, a body on a gurney draped in an American flag was wheeled into the building as a line of officers saluted.

The FBI said its Inspection Division is investigating the shooting.

“The review process is thorough and objective and is conducted as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances,” the FBI statement said.

Deadliest FBI shooting in years

Law enforcement officers block an area where a shooting killed two FBI agents on Tuesday in Sunrise, Florida.

The FBI Agents Association offered condolences to those injured and said the search warrant was in connection to suspected possession of child pornography.

“These Agents were working to protect the most vulnerable in our society. FBIAA stands with the Agents’ families and pledges our support to them during this difficult time,” FBIAA President Brian O’Hare said in a statement.

Tuesday’s mass shooting marks the first time since 2008 that an FBI agent was fatally shot on duty.
The shooting is similar to a deadly firefight 35 years ago outside Miami that was a turning point in the FBI’s history. On April 11, 1986, two violent bank robbers being pursued by FBI agents opened fire with high-powered firearms, killing two agents and wounding five others before the suspects were killed.
In the aftermath of the shootout, the FBI issued special agents with semi-automatic handguns rather than revolvers, changed its firearms training, and studied the psychological impacts of being shot at, former FBI deputy director John S. Pistole said in 2006.
In 2015, a new federal building in Miramar, Florida, housing the FBI Miami Field Office was dedicated the “Benjamin P. Grogan and Jerry L. Dove Federal Building,” named for the two agents who died that day.