May 16, 2024
Dresden heist: Three people arrested in connection

Dresden heist: Three people arrested in connection

Written by Rob PichetaStephanie Halasz, CNN

Three suspects have been arrested in connection with an audacious treasure heist from a castle vault in the German city of Dresden last year, authorities said on Tuesday.

Around 100 pieces of priceless treasure were stolen in November 2019 when thieves gained access to the Green Vault, one of the largest collections of masterpieces in Europe.

Three German nationals were arrested in Berlin on Tuesday morning, the Dresden public prosecutor together and the city’s police announced in a statement.

They are suspected of having committed serious theft in a gang, as well as two cases of arson. They will be presented to the investigating judge in Dresden on Tuesday.

Authorities said they were searching for the missing treasures. “The focus of today’s measures is the search for the stolen art treasures and possible evidence, such as storage media, clothing and tools,” the statement said.

The vault features an astounding collection of historical jewelry and precious ornaments — from shimmering bowls carved out of crystal and agate to jeweled gold figurines and goblets fashioned from gilded ostrich eggs.

A total of 1,638 police officers are involved in the operation.

The focus of the search is centered in the Berlin area of Neukoelln, the statement said. There are further searches ongoing in Berlin.