April 19, 2024
Inside Miley Cyrus' exuberant Los Angeles home -- designed by her mother

Inside Miley Cyrus’ exuberant Los Angeles home — designed by her mother

Written by Allyssia Alleyne, CNN

When it came time for Miley Cyrus to decorate the 6,800-square-foot Los Angeles home she bought last year, the singer looked to one of the people who knows her best: Her mother and manager, Tish Cyrus.

“My mom’s best quality as a mom and as an interior designer is her understanding and non-judgment,” Miley told Architectural Digest in an online exclusive.

“Anything I dream she will create into a reality, even if it isn’t her style. She designs for her kids — I am not the only one that uses my mom as an interior designer, all five of us do — the same way she nurtures us. She just wants what’s best for us, creating spaces that reflect us is what’s best for our mental health, our creativity, our songwriting.”

Miley Cyrus' glam-room lounge channels her rock 'n' roll aesthetic.

Miley Cyrus’ glam-room lounge channels her rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic. Credit: Jenna Pefley/AD

Working with design partner Mat Sanders, Tish said she put aside her usual “boho chic” tastes and kept Miley’s rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic at the top of her mind while decorating the six-bedroom, seven-bathroom house.
Exuberant design touches include a technicolor bookshelf from Memphis Group founder Ettore Sottsass, a cartoonish still life by Takashi Murakami, drippy pastel sculptures by Dam Lam, and a vibrating red chair shaped like an open mouth.

Walls are papered in graphic Gucci tiger faces and flocked ocelot print (for when leopard just won’t do), ceilings have been given psychedelic paint jobs, and rooms are illuminated with neon signs and vintage Italian fixtures.

“My biggest thing is that when you walk into someone’s house,” Tish said, “I want you to know who lives there, what their personality is, what they love, and what they’re like. I know Miley so well, and we’re so close, so I was really able to do that.”

The bedroom is one of the more subdued spaces in Miley Cyrus' LA home.

The bedroom is one of the more subdued spaces in Miley Cyrus’ LA home. Credit: Jenna Pefley/AD

However, while Miley’s brand of luxury maximalism is well-represented, many of the spaces — including the bedroom, kitchen and patio — are more restrained. Decorated with subdued patterns and colors, they suggest a high-end hotel rather than a rockstar’s retreat.

Call it a mother’s touch: “Miley, Mat, and myself are a great little team because they’re always, More is more is more,” said Tish. “And I’m like, Well, not. . . always. Let’s pull one thing back.”

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance that “one thing” won’t be put back at some point: “My mom believes that nothing is permanent, that there’s nothing that can’t be undone,” Miley said.

“People make bold choices in their lives, and sometimes those gambles work and bring you good fortune, and sometimes they don’t. But it’s a risk she’s willing — and I’m willing — to take in our lifestyle, and that is reflected in the design.”