July 21, 2024
Iran oil refinery fire: Firefighters battle huge blaze after liquefied gas line leaks and explodes

Iran oil refinery fire: Firefighters battle huge blaze after liquefied gas line leaks and explodes

So far there have been no reports of injuries, as emergency services and firefighters battled to contain the flames.

The head of Tehran’s Provincial Crisis Management Office said that “a leak at a liquid gas pipeline at the facility sparked the fire,” Reuters reported. The cause of blaze will be investigated, Mansour Darajati added, according to Reuters.

Huge smoke rises up from Tehran's main oil refinery south of the capital on June 2.

No casualties have been reported at the scene, Shaker Khafaei, the head of public relations of Tehran Oil Refining Co., which runs the refinery, told state news agency IRINN. Khafaei also ruled out the possibility of sabotage.

Videos posted on social media Wednesday showed thick smoke circulating in the southern areas of the Iranian capital.

Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency said all operations had been suspended at the facility, known as the Tondgooyan refinery, Reuters reported.

Some 18 tankers of the refinery caught fire on Wednesday, according to state-run Young Journalists Club (YJC) agency.

By Thursday, the fires had subsidized considerably, according to Hamed Armanfar, the refinery’s CEO. Armanfar told state media IRIN that the “volume of fires has decreased a lot compared to before, and now only five percent of the initial fires remain,” adding that the fire brigades’ efforts had successfully prevented the blaze from spreading to other tanks.

This incident came just hours after one of the largest vessels in the Iranian navy caught fire and sank in the Gulf of Oman on Wednesday.
Smoke rises from the stricken navy ship 'Khark' off the Iranian port of Jask.

The “Khark,” a huge training and logistical ship, set alight early on Wednesday morning, according to the country’s semi-official Fars News Agency. But after 20 hours of an “all-out” rescue effort, the ship sank off the southern Iranian port of Jask, Fars said in its report.

All crew members were evacuated and there were no casualties, it added.