June 21, 2024
Newspapers around the world react to Biden's inauguration

Newspapers around the world react to Biden’s inauguration

But for the most part, it was Biden who commanded the spotlight. Here’s a selection of front pages from various parts of the world.

Canada’s National Post was one of many papers to pick out Biden’s proclamation, made in his inaugural address, that “democracy has prevailed.”

It noted Biden’s message of healing, writing that “an extraordinary, sometimes violent, transition of American power came to a peaceful end Wednesday.”

United Kingdom

The UK’s Guardian newspaper highlighted the same line, splashing a picture of Biden delivering his speech across its front page, while The Daily Telegraph, focused on another line — Biden’s call to end “this uncivil war” that has divided the US.

Britain’s tabloid papers approached the inauguration with typical zeal, ignoring the high-minded rhetoric of Biden’s speech in favor of a swipe at his predecessor. “Don’s Gone… Let’s Go Joe!” the Daily Mail wrote. The Metro encouraged Biden to “Now Make America Great Again,” re-purposing Trump’s long-running slogan. The Daily Mirror called Wednesday “A day of hope” and the Daily Express said it was a “Big Moment for the US and Britain.”

But the most irreverent front page came from the Daily Star, which superimposed Trump’s face onto a picture of the Incredible Hulk.


Biden has spoken frequently of his Irish heritage, and his win was marked by front page headlines across the country. The Irish Examiner called it “A New Day,” while The Irish Times said he “reset the tone” with his address.


“Welcome Back America” was the message on the front of La Stampa, one of Italy’s most-read newspapers. Trump was widely unpopular across western Europe, and many EU leaders expressed relief at the beginning of Biden’s term.


Spain’s El Mundo welcomed Biden with the frank assessment that “There is much to heal in the US.” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said after Biden was sworn in: “Today is a great day … We’ll work with the US for democracy and the reinforcement of a more just, sustainable & inclusive global governance.”


Most of Australia’s Thursday papers went to print before Biden was sworn in, so many focused on Trump’s departure — with a fairly clear stance on the outgoing leader. “Don Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out” was the West Australian’s blunt sendoff, while the tabloid NT News opted for a pun in its equally dismissive farewell.


The Guardian picked up on Biden’s promise to lead all Americans, not just those who voted for him. Nigeria’s Burna Boy was included on Biden’s official inauguration playlist on Wednesday.

Hong Kong

The South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong-based daily for English readers, featured a picture of Biden with his wife, Jill Biden, and the Second Family waving during the ceremony.