April 19, 2024
Christian Roofing Welcomes Homeowners Searching For "Roofing Contractors Near Me"

Roofing Company In San Diego Now Offers Solar Energy Installation

El Cajon, CA based Christian Roofing (CR) is pleased to announce that they have begun offering solar energy installation services for both residential and commercial clients in the greater San Diego area. Customers are welcome to get in touch today to begin looking for the right solar solution for their property.

San Diego is known for being one of the few places in the US where the sun tends to shine down all year round. This makes it a prime area for solar energy installations. Understanding this, Christian Roofing has made it their mission to become one of the leading solar energy contractors in California that installs only the latest generation of solar energy systems in the market. This, combined with their nearly 30 years of experience in the roofing industry, enables them to provide high-quality solar energy installation and maintenance services for their clients.

Christian Roofing’s solar energy installation services begin by understanding their clients’ needs, preferences and budget. They also ask questions about the client’s space and typical energy consumption. Following this, they run a detailed assessment on-site to ensure that the solar energy project will generate a good return of investment. Some of the details that they need to know include the structure’s height, roofing cover material, amount of shade and the direction that the roof faces. If the site is suitable, their team of skilled and knowledgeable solar energy specialists will begin designing the perfect solar energy system. However, if it is not suitable for solar energy installation, they will also inform the client of this fact to prevent them from wasting money, time and resources.

The solar energy team at Christian Roofing is skilled at handling different kinds of solar energy systems, and they are certified by the California State board. Their skill and knowledge allow them to provide a wide variety of services that include providing a detailed quotation, carrying out installation planning and running solar energy system maintenance. They also run safety and quality checks to make sure that the solar energy system is installed correctly. Christian Roofing has a deep understanding of every type of solar energy system that they install, and they are capable of efficiently diagnosing as well as fixing any issues that may arise.

Christian Roofing also offers other services, such as the installation, repair and maintenance of residential and commercial roofing systems. More information on these services can be found on the company’s website.

Christian Roofing has received positive reviews for the services that they provide. Mark Hunsberger says in a 5-Star Google review, “We highly recommend Christian Roofing based on our recent experience with them. Every aspect of our roofing repair was carried out very quickly and professionally. We sought information about a reflective style of mylar roofing for a flat roof and received a thoughtful explanation of the benefits and costs. The estimate provided us with the three options that we requested. Once we signed off on our choice of material, we were scheduled very quickly, but had house guests and had to put it off for what we thought would be a few days. Then the rains hit and hit and hit, delaying the job. We received a call a day before the rains ended. They came out and knocked out the job in a day, leaving the area clean enough that no one would have ever known they were here. The estimator, crew chief, crew and office staff were all extremely helpful.”

Kathleen Bates says in another 5-Star Google review, “Christian Roofing put my roof on 12 years ago, and I have had zero problems since the install. These last torrential rains finally took a toll, and I have a small (hopefully) leak. I called CR, and Shawn called back right away, had my prior work order handy and explained the need for roof maintenance every five years. Not only will they come inspect and repair the roof leak, they will perform the 5-year maintenance on the entire roof to make sure it continues to perform as beautifully as it has! 5 Stars for responsive customer service. I will be back after repairs are completed to add more.”

Those looking for a trusted solar company in San Diego may check out Christian Roofing’s website for more details. The company can also be reached through their social media platforms.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]