May 17, 2024
The weird and wonderful outfits of fans at the Ryder Cup

The weird and wonderful outfits of fans at the Ryder Cup

The pair are part of the 12-man Team Europe that have traveled to Wisconsin for the 43rd Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits, which begins on Friday, September 24.
The US state is home to the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, whose fans are often referred to as cheeseheads, a reference to Wisconsin’s cheese production.

And in an attempt to ingratiate themselves with the locals, Europe captain Padraig Harrington and his team adorned cheeseheads hats, posing for pictures before throwing them into the crowd.

As well as adorning the famous hats, Team Europe wore shirts and jumpers with green and yellow trimmings to them, something Harrington said was a nod to both the Wisconsin locals and his Irish heritage.

“Obviously the Green Bay Packers fit both the Irish and the Green Bay Packers, and then the cheeseheads came in and a bit of fun with it,” the Irishman said.

“It is a nod to Wisconsin and obviously to Green Bay that we’ve gone with this, we’ve gone with the colors,” he added. “And obviously the cheeseheads and throwing the things up there is a bit of fun for the fans that are here. The Wisconsin fans are very appreciative, so we want to show our appreciation back.”

Over the years, due to its unique format, the Ryder Cup attracts fans who might not define themselves as “golf fanatics,” which tends to make the atmosphere even more electric when the biennial tournament roles around.

Team US fan wearing eagle costume in the stands at Hazeltine National Golf Course in 2016.

Composed of foursomes, fourballs and singles, the tension during golf’s biggest derby can often be extremely high, which is why spectators turn out in their droves for it.

From helmets with horns to shirts with players names spelled on the front, the 94-year history of the tournament has brought out some eclectic outfits.