August 3, 2021
Multiple officers injured in mob violence

Some Republicans will consider voting for second Trump impeachment

President Donald Trump arrives at a rally near the White House on January 6. Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

President Trump, having now publicly conceded he will no longer serve a second term, had begun contemplating how he will spend his final days in the White House, according to people familiar with the matter.

Aides still have a long list of executive actions they are hoping he will sign in his waning days, including one teed up on buy-American provisions. There is talk of a trip next week to view progress on the border wall, one of Trump’s proudest achievements. And a raft of pardons, including potentially for himself, are expected in the coming days.

Aides are still discussing a farewell address or interview. Trump’s highly-scripted video acknowledging he will be leaving the White House is the tone his advisers hope he will stick with as he leaves office.

Trump called off a visit to Camp David this weekend, which would likely have been his final time at the presidential retreat. He had been planning to go before the riots but decided Thursday, amid questions about resignations and Cabinet defections, to remain in Washington. Other “lasts” are still up in the air, like his final flight aboard Air Force One.

Trump must also decide soon when and how he wants to depart the White House. Officials still do not expect him to attend the inauguration, though he has been asking advisers whether he should. To some he has signaled that it’s not ruled out.

At this point he is expected to go to Mar-a-Lago, despite his displeasure (first reported by CNN’s Kate Bennett) at the renovations there.

As he contested the results of the election, Trump refused to engage in discussions about how he wanted to spend his final days in the White House, or what he wanted to do afterward.

Officials are eager those conservations can now begin, hopeful to spend some time focusing on Trump’s “legacy,” even though many inside the building believe it will be irrevocably tarred by his behavior that led to this week’s riots.